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There is nothing like the feeling of flying down a speed course totally maxed out and being right on the edge.

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This is what these boards are made for. They are designed and developed for those who have the guts to sheet in – no matter what.

Rocket-like acceleration, super loose feel and almost unlimited top speed: This is what these boards are made for. Take the biggest sail you can possibly hold, sheet in and experience the feeling of flying down a speed course – totally maxed out and right on the edge. Hans Kreisel proved with the JP Speed 45 that these boards can handle and control speeds up to 100 km/h and more which imposes confidence when the fear level might take over. They are designed and developed for those who have the guts to constantly push their limit.
The super fast 50 fits in every speed sailor‘s quiver and the 54 offers more power for light wind speed sailing.


Comfortable footstrap incl. 2 screws. Anti-twist system. Adjustable plastic plates for width adjustment.


Adjustable in width not just in length. By simply turning the plastic plate by 180 degrees, the width of the foostraps can be reduced by 0.6cm (one plate) respectively 1.2cm (both plates). Great for slalom sailors who need a tight connection to the board and for youngsters or women with smaller feet.

HOW TO adapt your footstraps to large feet or sailing with boots

Adjust your Foot Strap SIZE for very large foot strap sizes, change the Anti Twist plate for the outside position - recommended for foot size 11 (US) / 10 (UK) and bigger.

  • remove the screw
  • remove the Anti Twist plate
  • insert the bottom part of the Anti Twist plate into the outside holes of the belt
  • put the top plastic part back on the pins
  • insert the screw
  • adjust the size of the foot strap to fit your foot


HOW TO adapt your footstraps to small feet:

5 Steps for a NARROW Foot Strap:

  • remove the screw
  • pull off the top plastic part
  • rotate the top plastic part 180°
  • put it back on the pins
  • insert screw and mount the strap



Strap incl. 2 screws.

Comfortable padding, changeable to asymmetrical shape when the strap is not centered - very comfortable!


Symmetrical - for rear center strap

Asymmetrical - for front straps and rear straps on the rail

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